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Finally, A Delicious Mixed Drink Featuring Scotch That Everyone Will Love

Scotch is one of my favorite spirits, and my preference when it comes to the whiskey category. Like most, I enjoy it neat or on ice. A good blended scotch with a tiny shot of soda is refreshing on a hot summer day. But I’ve always felt a little shortchanged when it comes to great mixed drinks made with Scotch.

A friend and former colleague (and rather well-known mixologist in Manhattan in the late 90’s) featured a mixed drink with Scotch that became a favorite: The Anytime, which was scotch to fill a martini glass, shaken with ice, and juice of 3-4 lemons. I still enjoy an Anytime.

But I’ve found a new favorite. The Scotch Old Fashioned Cocktail. The Old Fashioned has been around since the late 1800’s and was made with a number of spirits as its base which included whiskey. In latter years, the Scotch Old Fashioned has taken off in The UK but not as much in the USA.

Perfect Scotch Old Fashioned Recipe

And Old Fashioned takes some time to make properly - getting just the right bitters, sweetness and fruit character. Just so happens, PROOF OLD FASHIONED COCKTAIL SYRUP does most of the heavy lifting for you. And (IMHO) it’s not the usual cheap imitation sugar water in fancy packaging that can be found in boutiques and liquor stores.

What I found out after doing the research is that the team at PROOF makes their syrup in small batches using a “home-made” oleo-saccharum made the traditional way from organic cane sugar, and a special blend of bitters. All I need to do at that point is add Scotch, ice and garnish with fruit. I like using the PROOF MAPLE BACON flavor with Scotch, but traditional citrus flavor works very well.

Everyone that has tried one of my Scotch Old Fashioned cocktails has given it high marks. And, they don’t know I use a mix because PROOF doesn’t taste like one. Here’s the quick rundown:

- 2 Ounces good Scotch
- Orange Twist

- Add 1/2 oz. of PROOF Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup over large ice cube
- Add 2 oz. of your favorite Scotch Whiskey
- Stir to combine
- Add an orange twist garnish


G. Finn